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SEM Imaging System

  1. Jul 16, 2015 #1
    Looking at Ben Krasnow's youtube video on breaking down the parts and general cost for a scanning electron microscope, he lists a raster scan generator, is that able to produce the highest resolution images still? Or is there another more modern technology for this purpose? Otherwise, how has raster scanning advanced to increase resolution?
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    Coincidentally, I watched that exact video earlier today.
    I don't see how the scan type would affect resolution. Reading a book is very much like raster scanning, if you want to read smaller print then reading the text in a different pattern (say, a spiral) will not help one bit - you need glasses.
    Take this with a large grain of salt as my knowledge of SEM is next to nil.
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    It seems I just had a misunderstanding, I think the raster generator would be the actual electron gun
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