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Semi math question

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    A(vec)=(2,1,-4) B(vec)=(-3,0,1) C(vec)=(-1,-1,2)

    whats the angle between Avec and Bvec in rads.

    i know the formula

    A(vec)*B(vec)= abs(A)*abs(B)*cos(theta)


    so why wont cos^-1(-10/(21)(10)) work?
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    absA = [itex]\sqrt{21}[/itex], not 21
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    that still isnt right?
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    What still isn't right?

    You were told that the length of vector A is [tex]\sqrt{21}[/tex], not 21.

    Did it then occur to you that the length of vector B should be [tex]\sqrt{10}[/tex], not 10?

    Try [tex]\theta= cos^{-1} \frac{-10}{\sqrt{210}}[/tex].
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    no i realized that i just multiplied weird.. sorry thanks!
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