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I would like to know if there is some current conduction with hole in semi metal ?
thank you
A semimetal is a material with a very small overlap between the bottom of the conduction band and the top of the valence band. If the energy of the electron (from the valence bound) at 0K is < Ec and if with themal agitation has an energy E >Ec then it should leave a hole in the semi metal as for semiconducteur ?
thank you, there can be hole in metal as well, if i understand well it says "Their motion is much too much restrained by a lack of available empty energy states " it means that there is not enough hole in a metal to have a significant current, as i think or that there will be a recombination of this hole with a free electron, that is actually the same. It's linked to fermi dirac distribution of hole, depending on temperature but do not remember where it comes from and why it s so low for metal. Any way another question for a semi conductor if you just have "hole" for the last energy state of valance band and completed free electron on conduction band how could you have a hole current because there is no valence electron that can pass trough tunnel effect to the hole to build the "hole" current ? and if you have your valence band that is full, why does your electron could not move due to the electrical potential ? i means the + (cathode) will catch an electron valence and then you have an hole and so on.
Why does this effect is impossible if you have the band full ?

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