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Semiclassical Physics in Atomic Physics

  1. Mar 16, 2007 #1
    Hi Physics Forum.

    I've a question and hope you guys could give me some advice. I've been offered the chance to pursue a Phd in the field of atomic physics. The project involves investigating the spectral properties of Helium atoms using semiclassical techniques. It seems the project will be mainly theoretical with quite abit of numerical analysis.

    I was wondering whether if there are any researchers in this field who could advice me on whether this is a good area to go into. I've been told that I should pursue a Phd in Optics as it is more popular now and will translate to better employment(academia) prospects in the future.

    I am interested in doing the project, but am hesitant that it may not be the best move career wise. So any advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.
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