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Semiconductor Mechanism for Protein Diffusion

  1. Mar 5, 2004 #1
    Hand-to-Hand Model for Tropomyosin Fast Diffusion.
    Semiconductor Mechanism for Diffusion of Tightly-Binding Proteins:
    http://actomyosin.narod.ru/h2h-model.htm [Broken]

    Would you be so kind as to recomend me some expert who could be interested in view a possible semiconductor mechanism for diffusion of tightly-binding proteins.
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    Further experimental research

    The main phenomenon is illustrated by Fig.2 (see my article http://actomyosin.narod.ru/files/matveev.pdf [Broken]). It is needed further experimental research of the protein-protein interaction. After that only it is possible to make more details for the Hand-to-Hand model. The literature does not give any parameters for theoretical development of the model.

    My final aim is to find a partner because the subject is of interdisciplinary kind. Unfortunately, the simiconductory mechanism is too far from traditional plans of mechanisms accepted in contractile protein biophysics and biochemistry and so the article has a reputation of crazy paper. But I think that semiconductory protein diffusion is too interesting phenomenon to set it aside.

    Thank you for your reply.
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