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Programs Semiconductor Phd

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    I'm interested in doing a Phd in semiconductor theory. Where would you recommend?
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    Dr Transport

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    Do you have an idea of specific subject you'd like to work in??? Semiconductor theory is an awfully broad area.
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    Not really pretty open minded. Interested in US mainly
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    Every good university is going to have interesting work going on relating to semiconductors, in multiple capacities. You need to think about whether you want to do modelling or experiments, whether you want to be working on device oriented problems or more theoretical issues...there's really no answer to the question as you've posed it.
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    Definitely want to do theoretical. Hate experimental. No interest in device orientated research more into the gritty theoretical modelling. Any idea what the top american universities would be for that?
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    you can look at nanohub.org

    From what I know, those are pretty active groups in the US:





    Update: one more http://www.beckman.illinois.edu/directory/ravaioli
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