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Semilog scale?

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    Hey guys, does anyone uses or knows about a software package that allows me to do gradation charts? (a gradation chart is a simple graphic where the x-axis is in logarithmic scale and the y-axis is in natural scale)
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    excel allows it, and I think sigma plot does too. That all I ever use.
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    It is pretty easy to do in Excel. Just one question...are you looking for just the graph paper itself to do hand charts with or do you want an electronic form of the chart? If you want to make a graph paper template, you need to put a dummy series of data in to enable the scaling, etc...of the grid lines and divisions. You can simply make the data points match the color of your background and they don't show up.
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    If you want to do just print your own semi-log graph and graph by hand, here's a good website I found:


    If you want a program that graph's for you, I use Excell or pSpice, but that's really for electrical stuff. What do you need it for?
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    Well the graph is for aggregates' gradation curves. I guess i should have been more explicit, i want a electronic form of the graph.
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    I would have to say Excell is good for those curves.
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