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Send GRE math subject test scores when not required?

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    Hey everyone,

    So I'm currently applying to both masters of science in pure math and masters of science in financial math programs.

    I noticed that although all schools require you to send the General GRE score, but as far as the math subject test is concerned:

    1. some require the subject GRE scores
    2. some recommend it
    3. and the rest just say not required

    I was wondering how high do you think the Math Subject test score should be so that you send it with your application to schools that fall under the 3rd category?


    The reason I ask is because I got waitlisted at Boston University for Financial Math, and am wondering if I should send my GRE subject test scores to strengthen my app.

    Also, two other schools of mine that I'm applying to for pure math masters, Virginia Tech and University of Florida don't require the GRE subject test scores.

    Here's my specific situation:

    Math Subject test GRE scores: (660, 56%) first attempt
    (720, 70%) second attempt

    General GRE scores: (640 V, 800 Q, 4.5 W)

    Majors: BA math (major GPA 3.5)
    BS econ (major GPA 3.56)

    Cum. GPA: 3.02 (didn't do so hot on some non-math/econ classes)

    I've also passed the first three actuarial exams with high schores, and I've taken one grad level math class (got an A)

    Will sending the Math Subject GRE scores help me, hurt me? what do you guys think?

    Thanks a bunch,

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