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News Sending B2's to blow up tents.

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    Why the hell dont we use some damn WWII and put precision bombs on them and drop them I think its pretty far from cost/effective to fly B2s from Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha NE to Iraq and Back only dropping a few bombs and costing probably over a 3 million a flight.
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    Periods and commas are good.
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    We're not doing that right now, are we? During the war, we absolutely needed to do that.
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    why fly that long a trip for no good reason??
    why use the most costly and rare aircraft that we have??
    there was no loss of any high flying aircraft in the most resent wars
    so use the most cost effective delivery platform
    on the shortest flight possable
    or move the B2 to a forward base
    the dollars saved are our own
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