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Sending innovation

  1. Jan 2, 2014 #1
    I have an idea to reduce cost of electric car by 50% and increase its distance traveliied on full charge signifantly and can be charged on road by a petrol/siesel/cng engine without the need of any fuel engine inside it.
    But i am confused where to send this.So,please tell if i can send this to car companies and how?
    Also recomend some high school competetions where i can send this.
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    Are you a subject matter expert on assembly lines, production runs, engineering, and supply side economics? Not to mention a slew of other things that goes into the manufacture of cars. I seriously doubt you have an idea about how to reduce the cost of electric cars by 50%.

    If you want to send it some car companies, get on a manufactures website and find a contact email address, then email it/your question to them.
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