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News Sending Iraqis to slaughter?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Considering the state of affairs in Iraq today, barely under control, if that, one has to wonder if Bush is more interested in what's best for the Iraqis or the success of his agenda. Bad information, poor planning, political agendas, disinformation, false claims to justify the attack, the alienation of allies, a rush to war, the inability to secure the country or even the green zone, and now a rush to have the election in spite of the overwhelming danger to voters. Go ahead and risk your lives, Bush calls out! I wonder how much innocent blood is finally unacceptable in the face of bad information, bad planning, and inept leadership.
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    Just like his daddy, who told the Kurds "Rise up, America is behind you !!" We all know how that one ended. :yuck:
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    I'll need to start a poll...
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    Hmm...how much more doom and gloom can you come up with if I tell you that I personally know at least two observers for the Iraqi electoral commission are...oooh jewish..and not only that..israeli's... can you spin that for us for Ivan?
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    Until people start getting the real picture! How is this for ya Kat, I have a cousin that is a military correspondant for a news service that has covered both Afghanistan and Iraq and not from a hotel room. He could tell how f**ked up both those places are now! Thanks to our magnificiant king goerge. :grumpy:

    BTW, why should I trust an israeli, if it wasn't for our tax dollars(which really belong here!) that place would have been gone a long time ago. :grumpy:

    Why not sign up and go over and have some fun, it supposed to be great isnt it?
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