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Senior Physics Project Ideas

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    I am supposed to do a senior project over any subject so I decided why not do it on something I love, Physics. My only problem is I dont really have any good ideas for what my project should be based on. I thought about doing the unrealistic aspects of movies that are based on physics. Such as when a guy is shot with a shot gun and magically flys backward 20 feet. Does anyone have any ideas for a good project topic? :shy:
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    let see....is this example ok?
    In many sci-fi movie it is shown that the hero or heroine escape from the fatal laser beam. But it is impossible to do so as no one can travel faster than light.
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    As you have come out an idea of that kind I propose that you may try to find out the range and heightof a projectile using water jets for different velocities.
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    You could investage the physics of the bus on the well known movie "Speed".


    You could go on to explain how unrealisic it is and what would need to be changed in order for the event to be completed (i.e. road inclination, speed, road level etc.)

    I recall several other movies where bad physics play a big role. Here are a few:

    The Day After Tomorrow - This movie claims super cooled air can freeze objects in seconds, I would be more concerned about the air liquifying.

    The Core - Full of errors, a metal that increases strength with heat and pressure being the main one.
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    Good ideas. I want to have a wide variety of movies so any more suggestions, especially specific ones, are greatly appreciated. Incase this particular project idea is slashed, does anyone have any other kind of project ideas. Thanks!
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