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Homework Help: Senior Project Brain Storm Question

  1. Jul 20, 2011 #1
    Good day Physic Forum:
    I am a third year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, where I specialize in Instrumentation and Control System. I have being in the process of brain storming ideas for my senior project from early as March of this year and up to this point I have not yet being able to come up with a feasible project that can be done over two semesters(my final year). I am not asking that your do my project, I am just asking that you help me in the brain storming process and give advice as I go from stage to stage. I would like to begin before I enter my final year so the pressure would be less on me and I can comfortably manage my time. I am interested in any thing from robotics and automation to alternate energy sources. Alternate energy source would be ideal as I am studying in the Caribbean, but I am passionate about robotics and automation. Please take into consideration that I may lack resources to complete very complex projects because of my location and economy, but I am will to make sacrifices. I am eagerly awaiting your response and I look forward to working under your supervision. Thanks in advance.

    Johniel White
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