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Sense8 tv show

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    It's a new series on Netflix from those involved with Babylon 5 and the Matrix. Has anyone here seen it yet? What did you think about it?
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    I'd like to know what people thought as well.
    I tried watching the first episode this weekend. Couldn't get into it.
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    I saw the whole thing in three days. It's a weird show, unlike any other, but I liked it. The cast is pretty good. The directing, editing, music etc. is very good. The story is messy at first. Maybe they shouldn't have introduced all eight characters in the first episode. But I think it gets better once the introductions are out of the way. Most comments I've seen seem to agree with this. They're saying that the show got much better after the first few episodes.

    Still, it's definitely not for everyone. It's a very strange show with some bizarre content, like a telepathic gay orgy, and a closeup of a vagina with a baby's head popping out of it,...

    The story about how someone is trying to kill them is a relatively small part of the season. It's more about the individual stories.
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    I enjoyed it! There are definitely some weird Netflix-allowed scenes, but the concept of those who can have and share their senses is pretty neat. It seems that the purpose of the first season is to introduce the characters and their back stories and, if a second season happens, I'm hoping that the plot gets better, especially since someone's actually out to get them!
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    I watched the first episode but it didn't grab me, I liked the weirdness but the characters didn't seem too interesting and neither did the telepathic connection. It didn't make me want to find out what exactly was going on. I plan on giving it a proper go though when I next need something to watch.
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    I really enjoyed it. Most people seemed put off by the fact that they concentrated on the characters and spent relatively little time on the "main" plot of someone hunting them. Personally I was far more interested in the character development then the action, I really liked the concept that 8 different people are slowly starting to merge their personalities. Considering the very wide spread of characters over so may different cultures and backgrounds, it should lead to some very interesting drama.
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