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Sensing Color With The Hands?

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    From the book Color by Paul Zelanski & Mary Pat Fisher:

    "A final limitation of scientific theorizing on the artist's use of color perception is the fact that many of us percieve colors through senses other than our vision. The ability to feel colors with our hands is not uncommon among blind people. Try it yourself: take several sheets of silk-screened colored papers in different hues, close your eyes, and run your hands over them. Can you feel any differences? Yellow, for instance, may feel much clearer and `faster' than red."

    1989, Prentice-Hall, p. 27

    This short paragraph is the only thing the book says about this, and the rest of the book discusses color in terms of conventional scientific ideas about it.

    An artist I used to know told me the same thing. She said she made a set up such that she could stick her hand into a box without being able to see what colors the paper was, and that she began to be able to differentiate between colors by feel.

    Can anyone do this, or know anyone who can do this? Anyone else heard of this?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I only find two "potentially" [but not likely to be] mainstream sources that claim this is a genuine phenomenon. They look pretty shaky.

    Here is all that seems to pop up.



    This person seems to the the source of a majority of the web info claiming that this "perception" is genuine.

    http://www.creatic.fr/cic/B118Doc.htm [Broken]

    http://www.creatic.fr/cic/B080Doc.htm [Broken]
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    Sounds like this is more of a question of so called esp exists more than anything else. I would like to see a esp napster if possible dont know if there hsa been any reliable experiments/data onthis sort of stuuf though.
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    EDIT: just to put the record strait, guess its not a question of ESP at all but of evolution, does not seem very likely.
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