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Homework Help: Sensing-Electricity Questions Help!

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    I am struggling on the following questions and require help. Please reply as soon as possible.
    1.720 cells are connected together to form a solar panel to power a remote telephone. The individual cells are connected in a grid of x cells in series and then these series lines joined in parallel with each other forming y parallel lines. What are the values of x and y to give an emf of 15V and using all 720 cells?
    2.A thermistor is set up in a potential divider with a resistor R across a 5v power supply. A voltage is taken across the resistor R. Derive an equation for how this voltage depends on the value of R, the 5V and RTH
    Thanks in advance!
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    If you show us how you tried to solve your problems and where you are getting stuck, we can attempt to steer you in a successful direction.
    I recommend seeing this thread
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