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Sensor Failure

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    I want to build my own circuit sensor.
    I opened the digital scale.I built the circuit on breadboard.The sensor is silverish color in the picture.
    I have completed my circuit on breadboard but don't know how will this sensor work.

    Can someone tell me what is the mechanism of this specific sensor.Where will I put the pressure so that it will work.I did hit and trial method but it did not work.

    Maybe my sensor is failed.

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    You really need to get things in the right order, I think. You first need to know the basics of how your transducer works and then make the electronics to suit it.
    Afaik, most strain gauges work as variable resistors. See this link
    You need to include this variable resistor in a voltage divider or, perhaps, a 'bridge' circuit to measure the change of resistance as the gauge is stretched. Clearly, the first thing to find out is the actual resistance values you are needing to deal with - either by measurement or by looking up the spec of the device if you can identify it by number / type.
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