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  1. I want such a setup that when i touch the sensor, a circuit (including batteries) kept at a distance of less than 6 m gets complete and the bulb lights up and when i leave the finger from sensor the circuit breakes and the bulb stops glowing. i.e. the switch of the circuit in in the control of my hand.The sensor should be as small as possible.
    I wanted to ask which sensor should i buy and how much it would cost and how can i prepare such a setup.(the sensor should be as cheap as possible)
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  3. Your best option here would be a capacitive touch sensor which can be miniature relatively cheap and simple to use or the more robust options available out there can get quite expensive ....

    The market of touch sensitive equipment, buttons sensors is quite large and come in many forms and working solutions but as above I think that's one to look into first.

    Check this link out ...I found it within 30s so I'm sure with a little more time you can source a set-up more tailored to your needs.
  4. Thanks.
    How much minimum force can a relatively cheap sensor (like the one you told) need for working.
  5. Read the link I posted it explains ... you don't apply force as such to operate it, it uses the presence of your finger which is electrically detected not detected by physically pressure.
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