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Sensor Project, Need Help

  1. Nov 14, 2011 #1
    I am beginning a new project in which I plan on using the distance between my hands as a measurement. Being new to electrical engineering, I am not quite sure of what type of sensor to use to accomplish this. I would the sensor in one hand to only pick up the receiver in the other hand, not just pick up my other hand i.e. IR sensor. Please be descriptive and if possible suggest some further reading I could do on this subject.

    Thank you
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    If you insist on having a transmit/receive sort of sensor maybe you could use audio or ultra-sonic pings: a speaker in one hand and a mic in the other?

    Otherwise I would have recommended something like the Sharp GP2D15 IR distance measuring sensor....
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    I was thinking using audio to accomplish this but I would like to use this project for music production, hence there would be a lot of sound already in the room. I would like to be able to move my hands in a 3D fashion and be able to know the distance between them at all times.

    It wouldn't have to be a transmit/receive system, I just thought it would be easiest. Any suggestions welcomed.

    I should have included that in my first post, Sorry

    Thanks for the quick response schip666,

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    why not the IR system?
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