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Sensor project relating to thermistor

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    I'm want to make a sensor dealing with thermistors, and i just dont know where to begin...Can someone please help me get started? The project can be anything...but im leaning towards measuring the temperatures vs time. using thermistors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    what do you want the output to be ?
    what is usually done is to connect the thermistor to an op amp , giving 0- 5 V output , then using either a microcontroller with a built in Analog to Digital converter (ADC)
    or a stand alone ADC , connected to BCD to 7 segment decoder chips connected to 7 segment LEDs..
    or the stand alone ADC connected to an LCD driver connected to an LCD ..
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    of course you could allways eliminate the output and collect the data (as binary) right into your pc..
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    thank you for your response...

    i want the output to be in digital, and it should display the temperature vs. time.

    initially, i was thinking of doing a temperature sensor using an LM75, FPGA, and verilog...and display it on a 7 segment display. But it is just too hard.

    Do you know of any websites that has schematics of the sensor circuit? thanks
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    thermistor preamp
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