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Sensor with wifi output signal

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    I'm designing a project and i need a sensor that can detect human motion.I would like to detect the output signal of this sensor by searching it via laptop or mobile phone as if they are searching for a wifi signal.
    I would like to know if such sensor is available or should i build a module for this using several components?I want this sensor to have small dimensions so it should be carried by the user anywhere.

    Awaiting a reply.
    Many Thanks
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    A sensor to detect humans probably works on the presence of infrared radiation. It might not differentiate between a human and a dog or a fire.

    A sensor to detect motion probably takes a photo at intervals, and detects whether a large patch of pixels has changed. It might not differentiate between a human or a horse or a falling tree.

    As for wifi, I have no idea. :tongue:
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