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News Sentiment turning against Bush?

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    Corzine Prevails in a Nasty Governor's Campaign in New Jersey
    by DAVID W. CHEN, NY Times, Nov 9.
    Unfortunately, we still have 'nasty' campaigns.

    Democrat Wins Race for Governor in Virginia
    by JAMES DAO, NY Times, Nov 9.
    Kaine had trailed during much of the campaign.

    But in New York City - Democrats Are Locked Out of City Hall for 4 Straight Terms
    by PATRICK D. HEALY, NY Times, Nov. 9

    People voted for Bloomberg for who he is, not because he is Republican, which is the way it should be.
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    I saw this happen in Illinois a couple of years ago. The Republicans had dominated the state administrations for years, and just like any party long in power, they got corrupt. The first scandals didn't phase their popularity at all, but as one thing after another arose, and particularly when a truck license for bribes scandal, that was connected to a terrible accident where several children died, was traced to the governer's office, then a tipping point occurred and the next thing you knew a Republican couldn't get elected dog catcher.

    Maybe the same thing is happening to the no-name party (they aren't any kind of Republicans I recognize) now in power in Washington.
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    Yes it does appear that the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.

    My biggest concern is that people beholden to the same powerbrokers (lobbies) will fill the void. So instead of Republican corporatists, we will end up with Democratic corporatists.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Thank you.
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