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Separable eqn

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    [tex] \frac{du}{dt}=2+2u+t+tu[/tex]

    I manipulated it to:[tex]-tdt= \frac{2+2u-du}{1+u}[/tex]

    Should it be in this form? or try something else?
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    Note that 2 + 2u + t + tu, can be factored.

    First factor the 2 from the first two terms leaving
    2(1+u) + t + tu
    Then factor the t from the last two terms and you have
    2(1+u) + t(1+u)
    Now you should notice that you have a common term of (1+u) which can be factored out leaving
    And now you can easily seperate this equation.
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    Riight, I see it now, Thanks
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    No problem glad I could help.
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