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Homework Help: Seperating metals in a solution

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    A solution is found to have varying quantities of silver, barium and iron (III) ions.

    Suggest a procedure for seperating the ions by precipitation.

    Ok ...silver is +1, barium is +2, and iron (III) is +3.... so I would have to add anions of the same value (but negative) to the solution in order to form precipitates.

    so for example i could add OH^- and it would form a precipitate with the silver.

    I could add CO3^2- and it would form a precipitate with the barium.

    And I could add PO4^3- and it would form a precipitate with the iron (III) ions.

    This procedure would seperate all the metal ions.


    This is right............ right? :smile:
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    I'm pretty sure I'm rigght.. but just want to make sure.

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    Think in terms of solubility products, not oxidation states.
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