September 11th

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    Getting some new information about 9/11 has made me confused again. I heard lots f starnge claims about this tragedy and now I want to ask you what really happened in that day in 2001. One of the think wich makes me more confused is claims like this one!
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  3. Well... There are a lot of conspiricy theories on this. They are basically saying that 9/11 was an inside job... A lot of this is taken as fact, because extremist liberals don't understand that conspiricy theories are just that, THEORIES.

    As to what really happened, make a judgement call yourself. Do the research from various sources. The 9/11 Commission report is an interesting and concise book, and one you should read to get a better understanding.
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  5. government conspiracy. there are just too many missing pieces.
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    Conspiracy theories should not confuse you Lisa, they should entertain or annoy you if you pay any attention to them at all.
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    Lisa!, there have been many threads on this at PF in the last couple of years and it is nonsense conspiracy stuff. Do a search in Skepticism & Debunking for the threads if you want to read about it. We're not starting another thread to debunk the same stuff yet again.
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