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Sequence Diagram

  1. Nov 26, 2012 #1
    I'm having issues doing a sequence diagram for a program.

    Like this format here:


    The scenario is the following:

    Placing a bet - a customer places a bet for a game. The customer has to be logged into the system with his ID. He determines the bet ( amount of $ ), the ID of the game, and the expected winner. If the team is not participating, then a error message will be displayed accordingly. Otherwise, it will be checked if the customer has already placed a bet on the game.

    Ok, there's more, but I think that's enough for my question.

    So you have the customer box and the system box at the top.

    So I have -> [ Input_stats] and the second arrow is <- [ Team not participating].

    How do I do the 3rd arrow? I don't think you can just put it below the second one. Maybe create an extra box ? It would be <- [ checking_double].
    So it's basically one requirement and two possible cases. I'm not sure how to display this in this diagram.
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