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Sequences help

  1. Nov 15, 2006 #1
    sequences help!!

    If possible could you show working and eqn^s used thanks.

    'moe plans to set up his own painting company so he has been looking for a tidy, recent model, second hand van to transport his equipment to jobs. He sees one that that will be perfect and notes that there are two possible payment regimes.

    Plan A: pay a deposit of$4950
    first month pay $300
    each successive month pay $20 more than the previous month.

    PlanB:pay a deposit $7995
    first month pay $61each successive month pay $10 less than the previous month.

    Calculate how many months it will take before the total paid into planA would be the same ammount paid into planB.

    thanks for your time:smile:
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    Plan A: [tex] P_{1} = 4950+(300 + 20(n-1)) [/tex]

    Plan B: [tex] P_{2} = 7995 + (61-10(n-1)) [/tex]

    [tex] n = 1 [/tex] corresponds to the first month.

    Now set [tex] P_{1}=P_{2} [/tex] , and solve for [tex] n [/tex]
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