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Serena improves her communication skills?

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    Serena Williams went off on the umpire at the US Open, hurling the devastating insult of "You're unattractive inside!" And then followed it up with commands "Don't look at me!"


    Tennis must be a lot different than soccer because, in my years of refereeing soccer, I never once had a player tell me I was unattractive inside. In fact, I think many of the soccer moms on the sideline found me very attractive and seemed to find it hard to believe I didn't have a very active sex life. Fans from both teams constantly asked me if I had a kid playing on the other team.

    Unattractive inside?! Geez, I red carded a 13-year-old just for asking me to kiss his behind. I'm not sure how I would have reacted to the insult "You're unattractive inside!" Hopefully, I'd be able to card the player without laughing. It's really poor form to laugh while giving someone a red card.

    Serena used to have a much more colorful style. The time she threatened to shove a tennis ball down a linesman's throat was a true classic, especially the way Serena emphasized her point by showing the linesman just how big and fuzzy a tennis ball was - and dirty from being smacked around the court, no less! Who'd want that rammed down their throat?! That's just gross!


    I guess the question is - is Serena's new style really an improvement?! Or does it just sound silly and wimpy?

    Seriously! Having set out down this path, the pressure to keep upgrading the literary value of her insults will just keep increasing. Next thing you know, she'll be hurling insults such as, "You're an insult to the dignity of humanity!" and "You can't even find the integral of sin x/x dx !"

    Where will this end?!
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    If anything, she's bringing more attention to the sport.
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    @ BobG

    :smile: I enjoyed your post. Serena should expect a bit of ribbing for her behavior. But it's understandable. She was frustrated. The other lady was playing 'in the zone', so to speak, for most of the match.

    Serena was fined. $2000 I think. And, she only got $1.5 million for losing the final, as opposed to the $2.8 million she would have gotten for winning. It was a rough day for her.
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    Good for here..
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    How unfair; next thing you know the government will try to heavily tax her out of her 'winnings'. Now she'll never hire 2000 Americans and bring jobs back to the US. Damned socialists.
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