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Serial Killers: What factors cause them to BE?

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    Is it possible for a baby to be born with the Genetic makeup that will cause that child to grow into being a serial killer? Possible but probably not very probable. Did a lousy childhood bring this behavior about? Good possibility. But what could be other causes to bring about such an individual? And why do most serial killers turn out to be of the Caucasian race? Is society creating these individuals? Were there Serial Killers in past history compared to today? Has Media exposure contributed, somewhat, to certain individuals becoming Serial killers, maybe for Fame? What are your views?
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    Why don't you ask questions like this on the philosophy or biology board? There might actually be genes which could cause people to be more irritable and respond to things more violently than others would, though you'd likely get a much better actual answer on the biology board, wheras here you'll likely just get people's personal insights instead of the results of genetic studies.

    Of course people could post biological reasons here too...
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