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Series and parallel resonance circuits, how do I find the inductance and capacitance?

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    I have been given a resonant frequency of 95KHz, a bandwidth of 1150Hz, a resistance of 3Ω and a voltage of 5V, I've calculated the series capacitance and inductance, by the use of the formulas stated below, however not sure if it's right. Can you give me the formulas for the parallel resonance? I'm not sure how to work that out.

    Series Resonance Circuit

    Qr = fr/f2-f1 = 95KHz/1150Hz = 82.609
    Qr = Xl/R
    ∴ Xc = Qr*R = 82.609*3Ω = 247.826Ω
    Xc = 247.286Ω
    Xc = 1/(2πfC)
    ∴C = 1/(2πfXc) = 1/(2*π*95KHz*247.82) = 6.76nF
    Xl = 2πfL
    ∴ l = Xl/(2πf) = 247.826/(2*π*95KHz) =415μH

    ^ Is this right? ^

    Parallel Resonance Circuit

    Not sure what to do here.
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