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Series and parallel

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    I had a question
    I sometimes don't know If resistors are in serie or parallel
    Like in the image I posted

    is it right that 1 is parallel with 2, 2 is parallel with 3, 3 parallel with 4, 4 parallel with 5 and 5 par with 6?
    How can I make one resistor out of this 7 resistors, or from 1 till 6


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    Welcome to the PF. Is this a homework question? If so, I can move it to the Homework Help forums.

    If you are asking how to fold up the resistors left to right (to get the equivalent resistance seen at the terminals at the right), then look at the left resistors 1 & 2. Are they in parallel or in series, as seen at the two nodes that they present to resistors 3 and 7? They are in parallel. So combine them using the parallel combination equation, and now look at what you have with resistors 3, 7, and the combination of 1 & 2. Those three resistancea are in _________________ (you fill in the blank). Now keep doing this kind of combinations of resistors, and you fold up the network left to right.
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