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Series lc mosfet gate drive

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    Hi, I have built some stuff before mainly amplifiers and some power supply modules, tell me what you think of this.
    I want to ask is it possible to have a series lc circuit that is powered from the rectified + rail through a resistor that gives me the correct voltage and transorb that would make the voltage even more stable then the voltage is fed to the series lc and from the series lc the voltage is extracted to drive the gates of the switch mosfets. Being that the sine wave in the capacitor and the coil is 180 degrees out of phase it should be good as I could switch one mosfet at a time , well ok I'll attach the picture because otherwise my speaking is hard to get I guess.

    So what do you think can such a circuit (with additional features ofcourse like safety and voltage control) work?
    Share your insight please.

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    Hi I'm sorry the image attache din the first post isn't the final one this is the better I saw some mistakes in that one, so could you please tell me if the principle I made in this schematic could work well enough.
    By the way the place where the sine wave goes to the mosfet gates I would like to use a diode there that would turn on when the sine wave half period reaches certain value , that would give the "fets" some deadtime between switching and also less heat buildup in the devices as the switching would be sharper.

    So i'm looking for diodes that let's say starts conduct forward above a certain voltage level and in high frequency.
    A thyristor I imagine is one such device but it has gate that needs to be controlled.That complicates the schematic.

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