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Homework Help: Series motor: speed and power using torque

  1. May 22, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    when running at its rated load, a 40kW series motor takes 74A and 550V. The rated speed is 750 rev/min. the armature and field resistances are 0.35 Ω and 0.15 Ω respectivly. when the load torque is doubled the rated value, the current is 110A. dertermin the moror speed and the power output at 100% torque overload.

    Answers given, worked solution not
    ans = 538 Rev/min and 57.4kW

    2. Relevant equations
    Work= Torque x (2pi x speed over 60)
    torque = K(t) I(a) ψ (k(t) =constant and I(a)= armature current)
    EMF =KNψ (k= constant)
    EMF= v-IR

    3. The attempt at a solution

    Work= Torque x (2pi x speed over 60)
    40000= T x ((2pi x 750) / 60)

    EMF =KNψ (condition 1)
    EMF =KNψ (condition 2)

    divide both and cancel
    k is constant as its the same motor
    flux is constant (as flux is not given a value, i assume that its the same)

    EMF(1) over EMF(2) = N(1) over N(2)
    put both to the power -1 so as to find N(2) easier
    EMF(2) over EMF(1) = N(2) over N(1)

    ((550 - (74 x 0.35+0.15)) over (550 - (74 x 0.35+0.15))) x 750 = N(2)
    N(2) = 723.6 rev/min which is not the value of the answer

    seeing as i can't get the speed right i can't go onto finding the power developed, however using the speed provided in the answer i have done it and correctly

    Work= 2Torque x (2pi x speed over 60)
    Work= 2Torque x (2pi x 538 over 60)
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