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Series of USB buttons

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    I need to make a series of buttons which plug into a USB port. Something like this http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-Easy-Button/ , only with a series of buttons. Each button is to serve the same purpose, so the computer doesn't need to know which button in the series is being pressed.

    In the end it should look something like a strand of christmas tree lights, only with buttons instead of lights and a usb plug at the end.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to buy something like this? The buttons should also be small, about the size of a quarter and 1/4-1/2" thick.

    Any help is appreciated greatly
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    Hmm. Why do you need the USB port? To activate something on your computer, or just to power the buttons? What are the buttons doing, exactly?

    Do you mean something like this? (Click Here)
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    I need the USB to activate something on a computer. Basically it would be a string of ~10 buttons, each button would achieve the same result as far as the computer's concerned.

    That button in the link looks great. Does it connect to a USB port?
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    Anduino looks interesting. Can this be purchased as shown in the picture or does it have to be built? Also I'm not sure if this would connect to a usb port...

    I've thought about dismantling something. Mouse buttons would be the perfect sensitivity, but I need more than 3 buttons.
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    You can buy an arduino ready built or buy the parts and solder it yourself.
    The design is open source and so there are 100s of Arduino clones, some faster, some cheaper, with more or less features.
    The arduino comes with a USB socket - which you use to download the programs into it. You can also send data through this link.

    There are also USB data aquisition products that will give you 16-48-68 etc i/o pins onto a usb connection but they aren't cheap.
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    An Anduin ready built with a usb socket would solve my problem nicely. Is there a phrase I can put into google to find one of these ready builts? The phrase "anduino ready built" only turns up this thread... (which was created only an hour ago... google is scary.)
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    So what exactly does Arduino do? Is this definitely the simplest solution to my problem?
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    Simplest solution is to buy a USB i/o unit from a data capture card maker (like the thing in the link) but that's pricey - especially if you aren't in the US.

    Start at arduino.org, or freeduino.org - depends where you are there might be local amatuer robotics groups that use it
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    Something like this? http://www.kadtronix.com/digio.htm

    Would I need to attach anything to it?
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