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Series Resonant Circuit

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    Hi Guys,

    I usually don't come on forums to ask for any issues but i am stuck.

    I have been given these details:
    1. A 120v Constant supply at all Frequencies
    2. 50nF capacitor
    With these components i am supposed to design a series resonant circuit which will achieve a bandwidth of 500Hz. 500Hz is the significant value i have been told to look at.

    I have been looking through the formulas for RLC Series and i cannot seem to find a way of produce a circuit with those details.

    Am i missing something or is it possible to do?

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    It looks as if some item of information is missing. Is there mention of the resistance or anything else?
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    Hi tech,

    thanks for the reply. The only other information is it can be easily modified to 200Hz and that is all.

    To me this seems the case that there is information missing since in a series resonant circuit you need either and L or R to get started working back through the bandwidth where as the parallel you can utilise the capacitor.

    Thanks q
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