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Series rlc circuit question

  1. May 3, 2005 #1

    im in first year electronics and have a problem with a parallel rlc circuit

    im trying to find the reactance (Xc and Xl) for a circuit that has a 500 ohm resister and a .01 microfarad capacitor in parallel with a 500 ohm resistor and a .5 mH inductor. The frequency of the circuit is 50 KhZ

    here are my calculations

    xc= 1/(2)(pie)(50khz)(.01microfarads)
    = 0.32

    xl= (2)(pie)(50khz)(.0005H)

    but i had them both marked wrong...help with this would be very much appreciated
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    Andrew Mason

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    You have used the right approach to work out the capacitive reactance and inductive reactance but you have to check your math. You are out by a factor of 1000 in each case.

    To find the total reactance you have to subtract the capacitive from the inductive reactance.

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