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Series, Sequences and Progressions

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    Series, Sequences and Progressions....

    My text book says that a progression is another name for a series, but the dictionary says it is another name for a sequence - which is it?

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    My soft cover Penguin Dictionary calls a progression, "A simple sequence of numbers in which there is a constant relation between consecutive terms," such as arithmetic, harmonic, and geometric.
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    Yep it's a sequence. Also I recommend The Penguin Dictionary of Maths, as it's cheap (only about £5) and it's style (compared to say the McGraw-Hill dictionary of maths) makes it ideal for anyone learning maths.
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    I'm surprised that your text book says that. Mathematically speaking a "series" is a sum but your text book (what level is it?) may be using "series" as another word for "sequence"- which is common in general English usage.
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