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Series Torque

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    I am not looking for a detailed answer to this question just a general.

    Say that you have 4 generators placed one above the other, and they are spaced 4 ft apart (not significant). You have a vertical roller chain (think of a bicycle chain) that all 4 geared shafts are "attached to", all rotating off the single chain. Say that each generator shaft requires 10 ft lbs of torque to rotate. If you pulled on the chain, with the chain rotating all four generator shafts, approx what ft lb force is needed on the chain? It is not 10 x 4, but im sure that it is not 10 either. It is 10 ft lb plus a factor of something for each additional shaft right?

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    No, the total torque demand is the sum of the individuals. In your example, the torque applied to the chain to drive all four generators would be 40ft-lbs plus a bit for frictional losses in the drive system.
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