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Serious Suggestions for Forums

  1. May 13, 2003 #1
    Hello all. I'm a new but quite active member here, who focuses attention on the science forums. I have a few observational suggestions I wanted to share.

    1. The "other science" section currently incompasses Biology and Chemistry and other areas. Those two systems, along with Physics are considered the 3 fundamental areas of science. I personally would like to see them get there own sections equal in the tier to physics and math.

    2. I noticed that a few LOGIC posts came up in the philosophy section. While indeed the two sometimes cross, LOGIC, and especially FORMAL LOGIC take a very mathematic approach, and thus I thought might deserve there own forum judging on how much attention they get.

    3. All the catagories mentioned above exist, or would logically exist under the "all about science" section. I am confused as to why such catagories as "Mystics and PseudoScience", "Philosophy" and it's subcatagory "Religion" are in this section. I think that, removing my personal opinions, these three areas certainly shouldn't be in the science tier! My suggestion would be that the "all about science" section should have a comparable "all about non-science" section which would thus be appropriate for all of these, and others.

    4. As an add-on, there was a recent change in the Religion-Philosophy forums. I would think religion and philosophy are as seperate as physics and cookies, and thus they should not be subdirectories of eachother.

    5. Currently under "general discussion" is politics and world affairs. I would say this too should be under "all about non-science".

    6. Homework Help - I just thought this section was so cool. I doubt I'll need to use it as I alway look for answers myself! But this is nice.

    Just a few observations, I don't think any of them are too controversial. Perhaps people can sound off if they agree, disagree or don't care. Glad to be here and hopefully overtime will become well known here!

    Also, if any of these sections or others need assistance from a "mentor" I have enough time to be attentive.
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    your approach seems very serious towards these forums, while most of us here are more about expressing a wide spectrum of ideas, thus why we have philosophy and the psuedo-science forum...both tie into science in one way or another and it would be impossible to run this forum without having this sub categories for those discussions to carry on...

    i would suggest you allow yourself to relax here and enjoy yourself, as this is not school or a job, but just a place to exchange ideas, conversations, opinions while having some fun...
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    Now, if we could only get LogicalAtheist to come out of his shell...

    I think there are many ways that discussion topics could be organized, but no single way is likely to meet with a consensus of approval
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    Right, the forums are grouped the way they are for simplicities sake. They are grouped how the majority of visitors would expect see this site I believe.

    I know a few other science forums that have tons of forums and categories. You have to scroll a lot and really think what category your topic goes into. Also I think it segregates minds too much.
  6. May 13, 2003 #5
    Ok, I'll shut up. To me however, some of my ideas seem appropriate, as philosophy is one of the 3 arch enemies of science. Thus here we have an event called "sleeping with the enemy". Heh.

    I would like to see a biology section open up though. I an speak volumes about it, and it's certainly a staple of science. Perhaps in the future?

    Best wishes.......
  7. May 13, 2003 #6
    I think every forum takes some time to get settled into. Once settled in all seems quite natural. I’m still recovering from the events of yesterday anywho.

    I can adapt (eventually) to any system. I do, however, enjoy being able to look down at the topics started under a single heading and see diversity, as in;

    A: Educational
    B: Insightful
    C: Whacko

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    Tom Mattson

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    The thing is, we have so many physics and math people here that it warrants seperate forums. As for bio, we have Another God, Zimbo, and you. As for chem, we have Bystander, Chemicalsuperfreak, and Monique.

    You could make a better case for seperate chem and bio forums by recruiting chem and bio people!

    I don't think a Logic forum is necessary. I have two logic threads that I am about to revive: one in philosophy and one in Math, and they fit nicely there. A topic about how to use logic in an argument I would put in philosophy, and a topic about how to prove things about logic I would put in math.

    I think you have a point there.

    That forum is a bit informal to be grouped with Philosophy, I think.

    Yeah. And the moderator is really cool, too!
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  9. May 13, 2003 #8
    Tom, you are pretty cool. I like your posts. glad to hear you agree with me in a few things. I don't know anyone to join the bio or chem sections.

    I wasn't sure the size of the audience here either. I would hope as this place blossoms it might open up, but I would have to say that making those bgiger sectio might be the best first step.

    However, i may very well run some strictly moderated purely science forums (no religou phil and politics) and perhaps they will pair up nicely.
  10. May 14, 2003 #9
    *frown* Philosophy and religion tie into eachother in many areas and it is hard to believe that you say they are that different.
  11. Jul 4, 2003 #10
    while your on the subject of new forums i would like to see a humanity or human nature section where it deals with human sciences basically like a health class. But i think it would be intresting
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