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Medical Serotonin Awarenss Depression.

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    I'm trying to understand the role of Serotonin. DOes it cause you o be awake?
    IS it the sole thing that gives us happy moods? Drugs like DMT and LSD are confused with SOrotonin int he brain causing psychdellic trips. DMT is a substance which exists in our brain or Pineal Gland. I wanna know what role it plays.

    I also wanna understand ADHD and Depression. Is it low levels of Serotonin that cause these mental disorders or not being able to get rid of it. Stimulant meds like Ritalin and dderrall make the neurons think they've had enough Serotoin so they stop releasingit. THe effect is that it slows the brain down . But wouldn't that make you depressed? Adderall is used in treatment of Depression. SO I'm guessing Deprssionis caused by the neurons depleating Serotonin. That's implying that your brain knows when you're low on Serotonin. But this is why I'mconfused on drugs liek XTC. DOing it too often will dpelete your Serotonin. This makes no sense. If your brain thinks XTC or LSD areSerotonin wouldn't that stop the release and leave more inte neurons unreleased? I know they say don't takeLSD if you have depression or anxiety disorders.

    I'm trying to figure out why does your brain give up Serotonin in ADHD and Depression. I mean if you got sad over something that would be you preventing Serotonin from geting out of your body. If that's the case you should have lots of Serotonin stored up and not be depressed anymore. That and Stimulant meds. If you take them they stop Serotonin from being released in neurons. If you take the medicine away wouldn't you have a surge in Serotonin cause a really bad episode of ADHD?
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    I don't think there is a one to one correspondence between brain chemicals and emotional states. It seems to me that, rather than conjecturing in what seems to be a pretty mindless way, you should perhaps become more knowledgable on the subject.
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    There are many different serotonin receptors. The mechanism of action for LSD and most other hallucinogens is through activation of one called 5-HT2a. It is unclear how activation of 5-HT2a causes hallucinations or any other effects associated with these drugs. Interestingly, many anti-psychotic medications (though not all) have the opposite effect at this receptor, they are antagonists where LSD is an agonist.
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    Very good point...
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    I didn't mean that in a spiritual or pseudoscientific way of course. Just wanted to make that clear.
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