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Server options

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    i recently had the thought of running a server from an external hard drive. would that be possible? i.e., loading windows onto the HD, loading my programs and the like. possible?

    also, i saw on Attack of the Show a while back (when it was still The Screen Savers) where they had a server so small they ran a website out of someone's bum. anyone know what that's called?
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    Are you talking about running a server exclusively from a HD (without a processor or network card) or loading the server OS from an external drive into a machine? The first one is clearly not possible.
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    I've seen chips for sale with 10 megs of flash ram that could function as web servers if installed on a board with a network connector. I think they ran a version of linux. I have a friend that tried to hook one up in his house connected to a USB 300 GB drive to save the power needed to run a whole computer, I don't know if he ever got it working. (note to self, call Adam this weekend).
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    Pretty much any machine with a processor, memory and network interface can be a web server. If you have a portable device with these capabilities, as long as you can reach it through the network, you can have it serve web pages.
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    i was gonna use it to run a dedicated Teamspeak and game server
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