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Serving Wine to Beautiful Women

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    [SOLVED] Serving Wine to Beautiful Women

    Okay, so I invited a girl over to my apartment for some wine and whatever else happens. I want to serve a Chardonnay. Should I serve it chilled or luke-warm?

    I once heard that white wine should served during the summer months and that white wine should always be served chilled. Is this correct?

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    Yup, not sure about the summer thing though. Enjoy :)
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    White wine is usually serve with white meat (chicken and fish)and some pasta (depend on the sauce and type of pasta) and white wine is serve chilled (10-15 C). Red wine is server between 15-20C (closer to 20 is better).

    Rosé wine is better for the summer and there usually serve chilled (10-15C if i remember correctly - 1 hour in at 4C or 20 minutes in the freezer).
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    Be sure you both like chardonnay before you offer it. I don't like it much myself, unless it is really great wine, like a Montrachet or certain kinds of grand cru chablis. I prefer german riesling and moselle, or pinot gris, or maybe sauvignon blanc. Over here, white wines tend to get served too cold and red wines tend to get served too warm.

    Of course, if she is positively gaga over you, it doesn't much matter what you serve.
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    Thanks for advice dudes.

    Goodpoint, I also have a bottle of white German wine from the Rheinland-Pfalz region. I could serve this if she's not a fan of Chardonnay... if that fails, there's a cafe next to my apartment that has wine too.

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    To be fair it is just a drink. It is nicer when cold in my opinion.

    I would not be too bothered about the whole "serve only with white meat" etc. thing, as it does not make any difference - especially if you don't know too much about wine.

    Just make sure it is not the very cheap stuff, as it will not be very nice.
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    Putting the rigth wine with the rigth food make a huge difference. I had the sam opinion untill i start to follow advice and I realize that some good wine are much better with certain type of food.

    Choosing the rigth food with the proper wine can impress the ladies.
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    Depends upon age and sophistication. And of course it is worth nothing compared to looks and charisma.

    What would your ideal meal and wine be on a budget of $15 for the wine and cheapish meal?
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    Good point -- I've had romantic evenings with wine-in-a-box and plastic cups... but sometimes it's nice to get fancy.

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    Good point but look and charisma gets you the first couple of dates. To get the last couple of dates you need some extra features. Good home cook meal get you some extra points and a good wine can make an alrigth meal taste better.

    In Montreal, 15$ pays for wine only. When I buy a wine, I usually ask the sells person. I can cook stuff for about 5$, the trick is the taste, look of the food and to know what the girl like.
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    Whats wrong with two beers? Just teasing. When I was single, i used to get alot of compliments with sweet red wines. Also if you could get ahold of some gaseoa from SPAIN to mix with it(its like 7-up) so it tastes even better. you can always say that red wine is best in the tub with strawberries. Get the big redest strawberries you can find and she will surely appreciate your generosity. My wife still loves when I pamper her today, although its not as much before but when you have kids its almost impossible.
    Dx :wink:

    Almost forgot. Dont forget to dim the lights and get some Kenny G playing softly.
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    Re: Re: Serving Wine to Beautiful Women

    AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! * gasp *
    AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! * gasp *
    AH HA HA HA HA HA HA! * gasp *

    Thanks, I needed that.

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    Pop Quiz: This evening for late-lunch/dinner, I had pork with a white Rheinlander. Is this the proper wine to have with pork? I mean, they say to have white wine with white meat... and pork is the other white meat.

  15. Jun 29, 2003 #14
    No problem; stop worrying.

    The majority of native winedrinkers in history have almost always drunk whatever wine was produced in their own district, whether it was red or white or green or whatever.

    Did you have your, er, company with you last night? Did it WORK? In any event, you probably did all right.
  16. Jun 29, 2003 #15
    Oh yeah, that was already weeks ago... however, I had fun :).

    I spent last night ('till 3AM) being a total nerd... going over Bessel Functions. Sometimes, eNtRopY has to be responsible.

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    White wine you say??? Try some white liquor. Tastes like nothing and nothing else removes clothes quicker.


    I personally don't like wine. Guess its just a preference. But if I'm gonna drink something that taste like crap (all alcohol does, IMO) I want to get it over with quickly, or mix it with something tasty.

    I saw one brand of wine, something about "Rotten ***hole" or something like that. Maybe you could try that one?

    Imagine ordering that drink. hehe
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