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Servo controller

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    Shucks Howdy y'all.

    Well, I have to make a large servo (the motor will pull about 10 amps) which I can do using a PIC od an AVR; however, I'd like to get my hands on a dedicated servo controller if possible. Does anyone out there in internet land know where I can get my hands on a servor controller such as the DA6688 used by Futaba(they used to use this, not sure if they still do) or a Mitsubishi M51660L or a ZN409(419) or even an NE544. Any servor control IC would be great. I don't fell like designing a servo from scratch adding feedback circuitry for speed control and the whole 9 yards when these chips already exist.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks a bunch.

    PS. I checked the usual sources: Newark, Allied, Mouser, Jameco--no luck.

    [edit]Not looking for a circuit to control an existing servo. I need a brand new servo and was wondering if anyone knew of a source for the controller used to make said devices.
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    I did google. The first entrant is for Yost Engineering which manufacture controllers to control standard servos. I'm looking for an actual IC--either one of the one's I've listed or similar.

    Servos are easy to control. Just make a 1 to 2mS pulse about every 20Ms and you're done. I'm looking for an intergrated solution that already incorporates trapazoidal feedback control and speed limiting when the position indicator nears its target.

    This is more of what I'm looking for though this particular one is obsolete and runs abour 30euro for one(I can sit my lazy butt down and design a PIC/AVR one for $5): http://www.roboterwelt.de/info/sheet/zn409.pdf [Broken]

    I don't know. I'll probably end up hacking apart an old Futaba S148 for the controller and build a suitible H to control my motor.

    Thanks for the response.
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    Hey, I didn't even see the replacement parts on the Yost site until just now. Thanks. The problem though is that the IC's offered by Yost are not what I'm looking for.
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