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Servo Motor Help

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    I bought a Savox servo motor (http://www.savoxusa.com/Savox_SB2272MG_Digital_Servo_p/savsb2272mg.htm)

    I'm planning on using the motor to generate a pitching motion sinusoidally from 0 to 60 degrees back to 0 and so on....

    Do you guys think this motor is precise enough to generate the sinsusoidal motion?
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    Nothing about that servo prevents it from creating a sinusoidal motion. When you say precision what precision are you looking for? What do you plan to control it with?
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    I will be controlling it with an Arduino. On a previous motor I used (which was more expensive than this one), I used a high speed camera to videotape the motion and noticed that it was not smooth and didn't look very sinusoidal like. So by precision, I mean the motion is smooth and mimics the code very closely.

    Also, does anyone know where 0 degrees is on a servo?
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    What was the refresh rate for the controller and how fast were you driving the motor? It could be you were driving the servo beyond the capabilities of the hardware you were using...
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