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Servo Torque Calculations

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    Hi all,
    I am doing a project on Pick and Place system with 2 Servo based Axis control system. I am struggling in selecting the servo motor and torque calculation. My pick and place system consists of 2 Servo Rotary axis which indexes from 0 degree to 180 Degree with 1 Sec acceleration and deceleration and my component weights 50 kgs. Can any one give me the formula for torque and inertia calculation. My concept is, a 100 mm plate with one end connected directly with servo motor shaft and other end with 50 Kgs component. How do i select servo motor for this kind of system.

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    You don't provide any information on HOW the rotary motion of your servo motor is converted to linear motion. Doesn't really matter.

    Your motors should be sized for peak torque. Account for all translational & rotational masses and determine the amount of torque required of the motor to accelerate those masses to the desired speed in the required amount of time. Sum everything, and that's peak torque. Your motor must provide at least that much.

    This is basic 2nd year dynamics calculations. Websearch for a PDF document called "Smart Motion Cheat Sheet", it is summarized in there.
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