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Setting up Domain

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    I bought the domain www.utoe.org threw web.com and I have no Idea how to redirect the url to the one where I have my site hosted? could someone help me.
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    At any point during registration or configuration did you notice a field to enter an IP address to set as the domain authority?

    If not, you'll probably have to request a domain transfer from ICANN, and you'll receive an email authorizing the transfer of the domain to your desired IP.

    Right now the domain is registered to an IP in a range owned by SBC Internet Services.

    What I'm worried is that you paid for a website hosting, and not a domain through a real DNS registar.

    Edit: After reading web.com's front page, it appears they offer `Complete DNS Management'. So, the ability does exist. I can't provide any direct support because I'm not familiar with web.com
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    how would i go about contacting Icann?
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    Well, if you don't have authority of the domain and web.com does, they'll email web.com instead of you. Regardless, read my edit in the previous post.
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    As you can see web.com does have authority. Their `DNS management' will probably allow to you set up some fowards, subdomains, and mail exchangers; regardless, you do not have authority over it yourself.

    Authoritative answers can be found from:
    origin = Ns5.web.com
    mail addr = webmaster.vsurf.com
    serial = 1093896563
    refresh = 10800
    retry = 3600
    expire = 604800
    minimum = 86400
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    You need to go on your host and put ur DNS info, no?
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