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Setting up probability

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    This is my question:

    E1 = there is no rain
    E2 = concrete material production is feasible
    E3 = premix concrete is available

    On a day given, casting concrete depend on the availability of material. The required material may be produced and send to the site from premix concrete supplier. However, it is not certain the premix concrete will always be available. Furthermore, whenever when its raining, casting cannot be perform.
    The following events were defined: P(E1) = 0.8, P(E2)=0.7, P(E3|E2')=0.6

    Identify the following events in terms of E1, E2, E3.
    A = Casting concrete elements can be performed on a day
    B = Casting concrete elements cannot be performed on a day

    E2 and E3 are statistically independent of E1
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    Is this a homework question? If so, you need to post it in the homework forum with your attempt at a solution.
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