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Setting up webpage

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    I have some experience with html but am no expert. However, I know nothing about the process of buying a domain and then putting content onto a site.

    Clearly you can buy a domain from a variety of sources.

    How do you put content on?
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    The quick answer:

    When you buy a domain, that is just the DNS name that maps to an IP address. What you do is buy server space, then after you buy your domain name you use the service you bought your domain name from to register the server location you bought to the name you bought. So...

    If you buy www.tiddlewinks.com[/url] (dunno where that came from) and get server space at [PLAIN]www.bluemountain.com/serverspace, [Broken] you then go back to where you bought the domain name and tell them you want your domain name to forward people to www.bluemountian.com/serverspace. [Broken]

    In other words, a domain name is not a place, it is just a name to direct people to space you buy seperately.

    Hopefully I have been clear enough...
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    But unless the server has advanve Site buildign S ware i suggest brushing up on either java or i think Power point has something to the same effect
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