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Settle and arguement between retards

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    Settle and arguement between retards :)


    basically is a car forum with a guy on there NO ONE can convince.

    he does not understand the concept of load put on lets say an engine.

    for example, accelerating up a hill, would put more of a load on the engine, rather than accelerating on a flat surfce.

    the arguement is basically, accelerating in 5th gear puts more of a load on the engine than lets say 3rd gear, which is definatly correct. because the lower gear ratio, amoungst other factors (wind resistance at high speeds, ect) generate a larger load on an engine therefore making it more prone to high temps/detonation/ect...

    all common knowledge, but he wont understand. i was hopefully someone who is a real physics wiz would be able to explain this in terms this kid could understand.

    thanks, here is some quotes from him LOL

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    if u r already going 70mph and starts to accelerate in 5th gear it won't put that much "load" as if u try to accelerate it while going 20mph, coz of friction, kinetic energy and viscous drag.i don't what is his point of view.
    but RPM can be held responsible for wearing down engine more that load coz in an engine with a given ammount of fuel the pressure is almost always the same. but exessive load will damage the crank shaft and the gears because of coupling of torques, one for the engine itself and other from the load.
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