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Seventh Day Adventism?

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    Hi everyone.

    A post in the philosophy forum has me wondering about this.

    What exactly is Seventh Day Adventism? How does it differ from other sects of Christianity? I've tried to read up on it but, not surprisingly, the documentation tends to be quite ambiguous. I can't really figure out what's so different about it except that a woman founded it based on her visions. As an aside, it is a popular theory that she had temporal lobe epilepsy which caused the wild visions.

    I'd be curious to know more about this religion from people who were raised as such and/or have studied it extensively. Also, for people who have been raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, how has the temporal lobe epilepsy theory impacted the church?

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    I don't know much about the belief myself, but a typical answer to the above question is "If it was temporal lobe epilepsy, then god caused that to happen so she'd have the visions."

    Remember, god is all powerfull, he can do anything you can think of and then some.

    Yet, he can't manage to get a clear cut message across.
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    OK, well I'm not trying to start fights about the existence or non-existence of a god or gods. I'm just wondering what's up with the religion.
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    I'm not sure that they're altogether different than any other Christian "sect," except that they practice vegetarianism -- don't know whether it's mandated or not? -- and observe their worship on the Sabbath (Saturdays). Which, is the big distinction they make between themselves and other so-called "Christians."
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    What do they think is the meaning of Genesis 9:3?
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    That and not observing holidays or birthdays.
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    I was unaware that anyone beside Jehovah's Witnesses did this.
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    I believe Galatea is correct. My Adventist friends did celebrate birthdays and holidays. It is considered a 'cult' religion following the teachings of Ellen G. White - whom they considered to be a modern day prophet. Vegetarianism and observation of the 'proper' Sabbath day seemed to me to be the two biggest points on their agenda, but the also seem to be very 'into' the books of Daniel and Revelations.

    Other than that, I really know very little about them.

    My aunt and cousins are Jehovah's Witnesses and they do NOT celebrate birthdays or holidays.
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    Last line was a lil testy, my apoligy. I didn't think anything untrue or wrong or (fight starters) was found up to that.

    My apoligies.
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    Perhaps I'm mixing up the two.
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    Alright people. I was *raised* Seventh Day Adventist.

    Seventh Day Adventists:

    *Don't have any issues with celebrating birthdays or holidays.

    *Adventists value and promote having a healthy lifestyle. That is why they promote vegetarianism (although it is not "required") and also why there are Adventist hospitals all over the world and why a lot of Adventists have jobs in the medical or dental field.

    *Adventists are very concerned about "the second coming of christ" i.e the 2nd Advent. That is why Adventists have the reputation for "being into" the books of Daniel and Revelation because those two books mention "the end times".
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    I was raised as a seventh day adventists and I still am theses are our basic beliefs, and we are not Jehovah's Witness'
    Adventists base their faith in God as revealed through Jesus Christ and as shown through the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Faith means placing complete trust in God, and accepting his offer of salvation. Such trusting faith is fundamental to Adventist beliefs. A living relationship with God is essential to faith.

    The Bible
    Written down over many years, the Bible presents the essential truth about God. The Holy Spirit inspired human writers to reveal the character of God and how he wishes to save all those who come to him. The Bible explains the nature of God and the way God’s followers will behave as a result of their relationship with him.

    The Gospel

    The heart of the Adventist message is the gospel, God’s good news of salvation. Through Jesus’ death on the cross human beings may be won back to love and trust God, and accept God’s free gift of eternal life for all those who follow him.

    Creator of the Universe, Christ formed our world in seven days, and created the first man and woman. At the close of his creative work, God gave the Sabbath as a day of celebration and worship.

    The Sabbath
    The seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) is given as a reminder of the God who both creates and saves, and is the day God invites all to come and worship him. Jesus observed the seventh-day Sabbath while on earth, and Adventists follow his example in keeping the fourth of the Ten Commandments.

    The Second Advent
    Adventists look forward to the soon return of Jesus Christ as prophesied and as he himself promised, but do not set any date for this glorious event when he comes to take home all who accept him as their Lord.

    Life After Death and the Future
    Adventists follow Jesus in identifying those who die as sleeping. Those who have trusted God are raised to life when Jesus returns, and look forward to a wonderful future--eternal life in God’s presence.

    Baptism and Commitment
    Those who choose to accept God’s way for their lives and his offer of eternal life demonstrate their belief through baptism (being immersed in water), following the example of Jesus. Adventists follow lives of commitment to God and his plan for us, which include following his commands as being for our best good.

    The Adventist Church operates one of the largest educational systems in the world, and features Universities such as Loma Linda whose Medical Center is at the forefront of treatments such as the innovative Proton Accelerator for cancer treatment. Through a world-wide network of schools, Adventists seek to better humanity through providing education and vocational training.

    Community Aid
    Through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency and other programs, the Adventist Church provides practical assistance to those less fortunate, caring for the poor and disadvantaged in many countries of the world, without regard for race, religion or nationality. The Church also operates youth camps, community service projects, family life counseling and other programs to assist those wishing to overcome drug addiction and alcohol or tobacco dependence.

    The Communication of Hope

    Seventh-day Adventists will communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Christ. Communication is a vital aspect of faith, sharing the good news of God and keeping the family of believers in touch through a global system that includes satellite broadcasting, TV, radio, print and the Internet. Visit www.adventist.org.

    I hope this helps
    Be Blessed
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